Thursday, September 29, 2011


...of beer.

I really don't have an awful lot to add. Sometimes it's better to simply shut up and enjoy the view.

I have been contemplating the content of this here missive all day and I seem a little distracted. So I am tempted to keep it short and sweet. The way I like the ladeeeeez. With a set of the above attached. Distracted...

Oh yes, I'd like to publicly congratulate Rose Thorn on passing her RPL thingy. Last night we ate pizza, drank beer and watched Rammstein DVDs on a massive screen through a mind blowing system. Happy days. Think I fell asleep on the couch a little. Oh well.

Distracted. So much to do. So little time. So many little things that need tying up. Like I like the ladeeeez. Distracted...

Book 3 : Chapter 5 : Verse 1 - 4

Speaking of which! Saint Smith in all his wisdom has decided to delight us with a further set of concerts in the 'Reflections" series, where they play 'Three Imaginary Boys', 'Seventeen Seconds' and 'Faith' consecutively, much the same as they did with 'Pornography', 'Disintegration' and 'Bloodflowers' for the Trilogy shows in Berlin. More info here - even Lol (NOT raff out roud) is making an appearance!

Anyway on that entirely distracting, and distracted note, have yourselves a splendid little evening. I am once more being fed and spoiled (being a minor celebrity n all - "oooooh Pop I got the black lung..."). Actually The Chef is preparing a feast at the DSW-And-Brother-In-Awe abode. The place where beer magically never runs out. A little place I like to call heaven. See above...


NGDG: "When you make as many enemies on a daily basis as I do, it's a challenge to pinpoint exactly which cheeky bastard could've been responsible for taking a key to my new car's paintwork."

Spread The Love. By The Jug. October-Faced!

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