Thursday, September 1, 2011


Welcome to my world! I live in this little box in front of you and rant and rave about life, love and everything else. Because the intrawebnets allows me to spew forth my bilge by providing me with this here virtual soap box. So I have decided to edit a little 'highlights' package for you, my wonderful and obviously very discerning readers. For those of you who haven't read every one of my opinion-masturbations, here is a short list of my favourites, from old to new:

1. In which we discover how the Meat Market works.

2. In which we read of my unfortunate duel with death, trying to beat the boep.

3. I just like the picture in this one.

4. The story of how I was cockblocked whilst chatting to the lovely Miss Her-Entire-Bum-Fits-In-My-One-Hand.

5. A rambling report on Ramfest. Awesome!

6. The INFAMOUS "List". Not for the faint hearted.

7. In which the Naked Chef discovers how to make the kitchen his bitch.

8. In which we muse on the mechanics of Teabagging & Lolligagging.

9. 10 Thing I Hate about that thing called Luuuurve...

10. I couldn't leave this one out. It's about BOOBS!

11. In which I fiddle by myself while the world burns.

12. The New Rules - words to live by...

13. Of a particularly well loved song by L7.

14. In which I run straight into the gaping maws of death.

15. I couldn't leave out the post from Sheik Yerbouti's Birthday.

16. A brilliant review of one of South Africa's most brilliant artists.

And that, dear gently reader, it that. If I add more, I effectively dilute the overall quality on show above.

Enjoy reading my stupid ramblings - I hope you crack a smile.

NGDG: "I lack bed-making skills, not having been to the army. The folds in the sheets can be best described as non-Euclidian."

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