Thursday, September 1, 2011


And thus we move onto the more serious business of a proper blog post. None of this rehashed, repackaged kak I tried to get away with. After all, I'm sure you're dying to know what yours truly has been getting up to...

Yesterday I got home, cleaned a bit, made food and had Tarty Farty over for dindins and lots of vino. At least I know I had lots of vino. I'd already had lots of vino by the time she got there.
Also, I clocked up some more Martha points - it really was the best bolognaise ever made. One step closer to the commemorative apron...

And that is it.

Now we have to see what the everloving Saint Smith has to say in his daily gospel:

Book 8 : Chapter 7 : Verse 11 - 14

So, looking ahead to the weekend. Lots going on, lots to do, lots to see, lots to experience. On Friday our friends The Summer Underground are playing at a new venue called The Privilege Cave in that place, Tableau Voi, along with special guests Junkyard Lipstick. Free entry and loads of drinks specials. More info here.
Then on Saturday it's the big one. Isochronous are once again gracing us Capies with their sultry sonic super-awesomeness as they perform at Mercury with the stupendous Sleepers. It's the launch of their new album and a show (surely) not to be missed. Go check out the event details.

And speaking of musical mastery. You know, the kind that makes your toes curl and turns you inside out simply because you can't contain yourself. Do yourself a favour and go and click on Shannon Hope's song 'Believe' from her forthcoming album. Your ears will delight.

Wow, my song for the day should have been "Links-2-3-4"...

Bedeah Bedeah Bedeah That's All Folks!

NGDG: "I don't care if they've expunged it from the OED. After my ill-fated shuttle repair and discounting @Deano Maduramuthu's hour on otherwise very execrable radio, I'm left with little option but to rock a CASSETTE. Pour some sugar on me cos I'd do anything for love, but I won't apologise for my TDK60 mix tapes circa 1994."

Spread The Love. I'd Do Anything For It.

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