Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's pronounced Sha-day. And before everyone starts giving me flack for an extensive music knowledge, consider the extent of my music knowledge. Omniscient, with a good kak filter. Pretty much sums it up.

So we're bumbling along and starting to get into Step 3. All things considered, it's going rather swiftly. Mercifully. Now we wait for the all pervading smell of roses to rise and tint the spectacles once more.

Cold is not cool... Funny, that.

Saint Smith had his own thoughts on the matter.

Book 8 : Chapter 5 : Verse 5 - 9

And so, as Paul Morley would write, we look to the future. I can tell you what my immediate future looks like. The inside of a studio. Lot's of guitars. A drum kit. Some dudes shouting. Framed panties on the wall.

And all this is in aid of what, you may ask. What indeed?

Yours truly will once again be bestriding the stage - this time alongside the f(r)iends that comprise the fucking brilliant Axxon. Be sure to pack in all your lip-ice, staple-guns and wood-glue. We WILL take your face off! Like Nicholas motherfucking Cage! It's all part of a party brought to you by the equally awesome Reanimator, dubbed Black Celebration and it's exploding at Mercury next Saturday.

There will be lights! There will be cameras! There will be Axxon!

There will be a whole lot of people wearing slinkies in their hair.

On a completely unrelated topic. I have just again noticed how self centred the people of this world are. I should know. I am the centre of my own little universe. Take this here soapbox of mine...

There is an alarming lack of compassion and understanding.

There are however also the few who choose to make a positive difference. To the two Tarts, you know who you are and what for - thanks. (Watch now, they're each going to ask me who the other one is...) Also to my buddy Relic, that note came along at just the right time. Thanks.

See, stage 3 in full effect.

NGDG: "I'm not exactly sure which of the several keys on the chain is the one to happiness. But the little brass one called 'ignoring the news media' works very well."

Spread The Love. You May Be Surprised How Far A Little Goes.

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  1. I only know one of your tarts and she makes up for not knowing the other. You are lucky to have two my friend...