Friday, September 16, 2011


Well... Let's hope our defending champions can deliver a slightly more convincing performance tomorrow against Fiji. Last weekend was enough to make even the most die hard fan concerned. Now let's discuss the emblem. Why on God's green and gold earth would a little embroidered buck instill in us such a sense of loyalty and patriotism, and in others such nonsensical vitriol?

I'm on the side of the fence that feels let down by the political tinkering and interfering of those that are meant to be improving the quality of life for the masses to whom they owe their positions of power, instead of fiddling with something your average user of toilets with no walls doesn't give a fuck about. But in all fairness the Springbok is a shit animal. Who thought it was a great idea to assign such a timid little creature, nothing more than lunch waiting to happen, to represent our national sport, one which is known for its robust nature? Our scrum resembles a gang of disgruntled rhino, not a group renowned for "prance at high speed lest ye be dinner".

Although given Sunday's performance, I'm not so sure. Perhaps the appointment of Div "Media Liaison" De Villiers was a master stroke. His introduction to proceedings has certainly brought about a bit more of the Savannah ballet and less of the physical force we normally associate with the Bulls, or say, winning convincingly. Our boys are now far more like springboks than ever before. The obvious deduction is that Div is a bloody counter-revolutionary agent. What is he thinking? They can take away our emblem, but we can still play like the pansies of the bushveld!

I know famous people. I also aspire to meet Neal Goldwyer in the flesh one day. His star is certainly on the rise, considering he is quoted all the time... I know THE Ryan Higgo. The Twin Tarts are most definitely famous, one the intrepid blogger/writer/extreme party animal, and one the singer and TV darling. Speaking of TV darlings, another friend of mine came beaming at my eyeballs in all her beauty this morning. Bimsilicious was on SABC3 this morning explaining to the country how to take drugs to make you feel more of the happy. Because these days the standards in our schools are so high, you need to be high to cope with the stress of writing exams. Yes, these were of course legal drugs, but then opium and dagga are nothing more than natural remedies in themselves...

I still maintain that you should be issued with a degree or diploma of your choice upon enrolling in Grade A and avoid the charade of learning stuff. You're more than likely not going to enter into the field you studied for anyway. School is merely a convenient gathering place where you can socialise, develop your prejudices and increase teacher suicide rates.

So, it's IRREVERENT BOK FRIDAY. I have absolutely nothing irreverent to add. I'm actually in a very surprisingly decent mood. Also, you guys have just read my blathering 8000 times. Wow! Perhaps I should keep up with the diatribe diarrhea.

Seeing as this Friday represents not only the irreverence in us all, or the fiercely staunch support we show for our boys down under (ladies, get your minds out of my gutter), but also the end of the week designated to my morose and murderous mood's recovery, let us see what advice Dr Bob has for us, and I promise you faithfully it is NOT "Friday I'm In Love". (Actually, I'll help a little here, it's the song just before...)

Book 11 : Chapter 6 : Verse 45 - 46

So go Bokke! Moer them!

NGDG: "I secretly think women watch romcoms backwards & enjoy them more. Take Notting Hill. Glamorous actress trapped in celebrity marriage with man beneath her stature has illicit liaison w/ Alec Baldwin, who treats her with delicious cruelty. Subsequent divorce grants her everything, incl priceless Chagall original, while her ex, ruined skulks back to his old life, making ends meet by working retail."

Spread The Love. Without The Stupid Fucking Adolescent Games.

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