Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thanks Nathan. Although it's worth noting that those are not the only things that can inflict damage.

Anyway, now that I'm more fully recovered from the weekend, the earnest business of the week can commence. Last night we ate something called "Tuna Surprise". It was surprisingly good. TDB is on the same path of enlightenment to Martha-esque zen as your truly. He didn't even complain when we didn't bother actually playing anything. Mainly because everything was still packed up from our triumphant return to the stage and we could simply not be arsed to set everything up again. Although I'll be doing just that as soon as I get home from work tomorrow...

Tonight is dedicated to football. I'm playing and I'm watching. Kick around after work with the lads and then The Red Devils will be murderlizing the hapless Basel FC in the Champions League. Between these 2 events dinner is to be made and all the footage from the AXXON show is to be viewed. I can see you perking up there. Patience, my pretties...

If you're good - and I'll be the judge - I may be convinced to ask if you can one day see it. The footage also maybe...

So today the "guess the song by the ludicrously easy Cure related clues" is going to be done slightly differently. Go find the Bloodhound Gang CD "Hooray For Boobies" and listen to the first song. Or read the lyrics. Something a little more-or-less humorous for you today...

THIS is exactly where the intrawebnets died yesterday. Telkom went to great lengths to ensure me that they were "working on" the problem, even "escalating" it. Euphemisms for mass masturbation. So feeling largely uninspired, I submit to you today and yesterday's smattering of smut, this here wee post.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I took infinite delight in typing it.

NGDG: "The only thing more off putting than a bald woman with 12 toes is one who pronounces 'yes, as well' = yaw, aaaazwil."

So, business as usual tonight then. Ripping through the set and recording lead guitar over 'Patrick Swayze'. Whoohoo!

Spread The Love. Even If You Have To Do So Among Hippies. It Still Counts I Suppose.

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