Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Everyone needed the loo simultaneously.

I still maintain I am right and that the disastrous debacle of last night should not have happened. Let me start at the beginning...

Last night's epic adventure began, as most do, waiting for Sidney to bring my my effing Black Label Draft. Team Burger King was set to storm the battlements of LMG Pub Quiz once again, libation in hand!
We were in the lead right til the end as well...
All eyes, accusing and otherwise, were levelled at me for not getting the Cure question. Mike "MC Hammered" Smith delivered the question thus: "With which band would you associate the following statement? It makes you feel better." We answered Placebo. Mike insists the answer was in fact The Cure. My argument is that The Cure makes you better, whilst a placebo merely makes you feel better (or at the very least believe that to be true). Anyway, given my exceptionally well documented indecent life long obsession with The Cure, the world stood aghast that I could have missed this one. And then to make matters worse, we were tied second with a million other teams and duffed up the tie breaker. Sidney's fault, again...

Needless to say we celebrated as if we'd actually won, as we do. We don't usually need a reason, but it's Tarty Farty's birth celebration and we're doing the celebrations in high style for some while! Got to the office after another awesome night feeling a little glandularus offcolourus. Today has been long and arduous. Not even ripping my DrHellCuz off online has helped alleviate the dull throb.

Tonight it's back to business as usual with some more tunage with the lads. Band practice and then early to bed - getting on a plane to Johannesburg at arse-o-clock in the morning. Wunderbar!

Then Friday afternoon the army of lunatics saddle up and invade the peaceful village of Greyton. 31 adults, 4 kids and 7 dogs. I hope they pack in enough NikNaks. And I am now resigned to the gargantuan task of taking part in the "potjie competition" under my own steam. Reckon a few healthy drams of brandy should do the trick. Maybe I'll even use some in the pot...

And since I'm on such a hellbent mission to redeem myself for my fantastical shortcomings in the Smith worship department, I give you today's C&V:

Book 13 : Chapter 4 : Verse 34 - 37

NGDG: "Robben Island: if it was worth visiting, you know they'd have called it Batman Island."

Spread The Love. Enough To Last Til Monday When I Return To Moan Some More.

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