Friday, September 2, 2011


What The Fuck?

Is that staged? If that's the ceremony, imagine the honeymoon...

Bet her dear ol' Dad was beaming with pride. Wonder what he said as he gave his daughter away...

Perhaps they just couldn't afford the wedding dress.

Lest you think I troll the intrawebs actively looking for pics like this, please note that I am not that type. Nor am I sexist. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I just thought I'd push all y'all buttons a little with the pic today. Also, because it's mightily IRREVERENT, and suits the mood today. And furthermore, it gave me something to discuss in this here blog post. I have nothing else to report. Other than having the coldest feet ever. Not as in the "cold feet" you'd associate with a wedding, but physically cold. It's brass monkeys here. Only my feet though. The aircon doesn't reach under my desk...

So as previously noted, I'm a bit of a dumbass. I got the date wrong for tonight's show with Isochronous and the Sleepers. It's gonna rock. Spectacularly.

Anyway, I was going to write about the incredible level of "piss me off why don't you" going around today, but I decided to ignore it and stare blinkered at the onrushing weekend instead.

So, here's hoping you all - each and every one of you special little cases - have a splendid weekend! Herewith today's Chapter & Verse, the gospel of Saint Smith:

Book 12 : Chapter 7 : Verse 9 - 11

And not to be outdone, although I'm sure he'll thank me heartily for referring to him as a saint, cos a saint he ain't, the gospel according to Saint Goldwyer...

NGDG: "Do feel free to tell me when I'm being abstruse."

Spread The Love. Good.n.Thick.n.All.Embracing. Like A Snuggy... Or A Fat Aunt...

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  1. Re: the picture. If I recall right, it's from a BDSM wedding.