Friday, September 30, 2011


Yaaarrghhh Motherfuckers! Going to the Jolly Roger tonight. To watch everyone get jolly well rogered. (I know... I can't help myself...) Going to check out the bands. Especially Junkyard Parade. Everyone in the know says they're making a name for themselves, so I decided, suffering from acute missalitis as I do, that I could ill afford to remain in the dark regarding the prowess of this promising band. They'll be sharing the stage with the Great Apes (expect LOTS of shrieking girls to be in attendance) and Dead Unlucky, another unknown quantity. I have a feeling tonight is gonna be all about wonderful new discoveries! And FREE ENTRANCE. And beer mixed with people. And Tarty Farty Tequila Parties. And good, clean wholesome fun. Fuck that! If it's good, clean or wholesome I'm baling and going the fuck home!

Anyway, we edge ever closer to the redemption known as weekend. I'll be starting off proceedings by dragging my very uncooperative ass along to the Biscuit Mall to partake in some of the vast variety of beer available at the We Love Real Beer thingy. They had better have some Napier Bier on tap. Nothing like broadening your tastes and/or horizons.

According to my HellCuzz it's FrashMerrilsFriday, so in keeping it real in the familia, let's see what Saint Anger has to say about that: FrashMerrils-Quote-Of-The-Day Enjoy!

Speaking of Saints and their effect on our lives, Saint Smith would like to add the following:

Book 14 : Chapter 2 : Verse 24

So go Bokke!
So go on with your bad selves.
So go irreverent and fuck.shit.up!

Have an awesome weekend.

NGDG: "An entire cover feature article in the Men's Health on how to build a particular celebrity physique. Nary a mention of the syrettes of Dianabol he's been jabbing into his arse since he was 13. Not even in acrostic. But if you'll eat chicken breasts and brown rice 6 times a day, you'll swallow anything.

And thus concludes our interaction for another week, dear gentle reader. Til Monday then, when things will hopefully be a damn sight better...

Spread The Love. Yo Ho Ho and Some Sailor Jerry!

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