Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Actually I mean "All's quiet on the Atlantic Seaboard" but who knows what the rent boys are up to... Probably vandalising those awful statues of little girls on the Promenade. I've often wondered what the fuck the council was smoking the day they thought THAT was a good idea.

Anyway, today has been very, very quiet. With the exception of the frenetic typing as I have had many conversation on the interwebs. Bless my friends for having mind numbing jobs as well.

Ah memories! I was reminded earlier of some wonderful memories whilst making a final decision on my plans for Halloween. There is a super duper metalocalypse happening at the Purple Turtle - one of the old bastions of Cape Town night life. As Jacques from Bulletscript points out "It's been nearly a decade since the Turtle has seen any decent metal." The event is called The Halloween Slaughter II - go check it out.

Then just up the road is a place called Platinum Lounge, which used to go by the name of D'Elyzium. Aaaaah, good times... I remember having to fight off bouncers as they tried to kill my very drunk buddy for peeing on them from the men's toilet upstairs window. Or having to slide carefully past Richard as he was invariably chatting up some little goth tart at the entrance of his DJ box, conveniently between the lounge area and the dancefloor - the only route between the two. He usually took up ALL the space...

I can't wait to go to this, Halloween: Music For The Masses. In fact I'll be skipping between the 2 all through the night - should be amazing fun.

Just like old times...

Except now I can actually afford the copious amounts of booze I am planning on having and a nice clean taxi home.

NGDG: "I figure that if you're standing in the road and your boyfriend wants to fight me, I'm also gonna run you the fuck down."

Spread The Love. Like Sunscreen. Or Lube. Hello Summer!

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