Monday, October 3, 2011



Yes, it's that time of the month again! The day we all so look forward to. The day of days! The first Tuesday of every month. Not only is it the day we usually fill our cars because the petrol price is busy crippling us and choking the last vestige of life out of our already strained budgets, but it is also the night TEAM BURGER KING partakes in that most enjoyable of events, the legendary LMG Pub Quiz!

Perennial bridesmaids at this awesome event, the TEAM has been finishing on the podium without fail for as long as anyone can remember (and memories are usually hazy, considering the fights we are prone to picking with out tipple of choice), but have never won. Much to our eternal dismay. Perhaps tonight will be our night. Perhaps the stars will align and Mike "MC Hammered" Smith will ask the right questions. Ones that have nothing to do with Canadia, the Antipodes or fish... Maybe the Music Sadist will be a little less sadistic and put forward music clues from genres other than "Aiden's little book of nostalgia". We live in ill-advised hope.

Speaking of music and hope. Happy birthday to the most talented and brilliant and "oh sjoe wow!" singer/songwriter/performer in our fair land. Shannon Hope - have a great day!

Go check out the page. Have you mind blown. You'll thank me.

Another singer/songwriter/performer, although certainly less attractive, has the following to say:

Book 1 : Chapter 9 : Verse 36 - 43

And that I think, after tonight, will probably be the last Saint Smith has to say about that.

Cathartic. Therapeutic. Fun. See? They should put me in charge of coming up with music clues...

Anyway - today is your lucky day dear, gentle reader. I intend posting more musings, ramblings and similar drivelly drivel later today, as the mood takes me or as I'm inspired to ruin your day with more brain bilge. So if you're positively dying to find out what going on in the sordid mind of your and my favourite philosiphiserer, the inimitable Neal Goldwyer, you're going to have to stay tuned...

Spread The Love. Let Us Win! Let Us Win For A Change! Please!

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