Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Oops. I think I pressed 'enter' by mistake there. This heading will be up for as long as it takes me to write this. Like a disappointed lover, left high and dry. Like the last time I accidentally 'pressed enter' too early. Oh well...

So I promised another post, simply because I have lots to ramble on about today. It's a beautiful day in the Mother City, I'm going running, playing football and lead Team Burger King to long overdue glory (read "second place") at LMG Pub Quiz tonight.

So let's fill you in (nevermind...) on what's been happening. Last night we had dinner club masquerading as band practice. Rose Thorn has suddenly found out what it's like to have a modicum of responsibility at work and was running so late the fabulous five star meal she had promised to cook failed to materialise. Instead she took the megabucks she's now earning and spent it at Woolies for a lovely precooked and packaged meal...

Then we went about further de- and re-constructing the Tori Amos cover, a wonderful little exercise in bludgeoning any semblance of dainty class out of a song and making it into a wrecking ball. Also a lovely little exercise in having to watch video footage of what we did last time in order to remember what we did. Next week we'll do the same to remember what we came up with last night. I seem to remember being quite excited about the direction it was taking. I'm sure I'll be equally pleasantly surprised next week when I view the footage... What did we do before all these convenient handheld recording devices? And digital home recording studios?

So as promised before, let's take a peek into the weird n wacky world of our dear friend Neal...

NGDG: "Facebook's block function needs that CSI facial-recognition software capability so photos of people whose faces make you want to retch go to the same place as their words, opinions and whereabouts."

I should be boning up on my trivia and general knowledge, but instead I write. For your entertainment. For my sanity. Work is the curse of the drinking class.

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