Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So I decided to treat myself to a Steers Wacky Wednesday burger special today for lunch. Nooo! Guess again! The queue in Steers was so long it negated the R26 you're supposedly saving by forcing you to drop R30 in parking fees. Conspiracy burgers, more like. Like the HellCuz and I...

Anyway, looking forward to tonight and the weekend. Tonight we make sweet music. And on the weekend the better half of the Demonic Sibling Wolfpack is celebrating her birthday. Cue fun festivities and lots of beer-in-face activities. At least it's not a fancy dress party again. No one got my get up last time... I, of course, thought it was brilliant.

So I've been pressie hunting. Is there anything more tyring than a) figuring out what the hell you're going to buy someone, b) making sure no one else has already bought it, if it's from a wishlist or c) trying to find an item once you've settled on something?

I spent half of my lunch (actually double lunch hour) searching in vain for a gift for someone (I tend to get behind) to no avail. Granted, the item I'm trying to find is not as common as a garden gnome, but you'd imagine in today's consumer market, all things would be freely available without resorting to the Greatest Easter Egg Hunt in history.

Also stoked as fuck to announce that the almighty AXXON is confirmed for Rock The River - a festival held over New Years. We will be heralding in the new year with a number of other super cool bands at the Cape Town Ostrich Farm - only 20 minutes from the city. There! Your plans are now officially made. You don't have to worry about driving home, as you can happily camp. And drink yourself into oblivion. I'll be at the bar accepting bribes, gifts and any other adulation in the form of alcoholic loveliness. After our set naturally.

I must give a shout out to the new axe-murderer in chief, the brilliant guitar slinger from that band SubVerS (ja, ja, we'll let you know when...) for the pic above. Thanks Matt 'Little Spoon' Daemon.*

*not his real name.

And seeing as I am now in charge of deciding your social agenda for you, watch this space for important info on Halloween and so on.

NGDG: "10 million people like Slipknot. And that's just on Facebook. Iron Maiden have sold 85 million albums. Metal is winning people. Metal is winning. There are enough songs about goo goo ga-choo. We want songs about Romantic poetry, shrimp diseases locking girls in basements and Arnold Schwarzenegger catch phrases."

Spread The Love. In The Name Of Hammertime! Stop!

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