Monday, October 31, 2011


Yup kiddies. It was Halloweekend again. Plenty of ghouls and ghosts and witches and werewolves and vampy little vampires. Thankfully precious little glitter...

In a rare attempt to save myself for Saturday's festivities, I opted to stay in on Friday night and indulge in a much needed session of sofa-snoozing whilst pretending to myself to watch the cricket. Once again South Africa manfully managed to chuck a match and a series. Chokers belong on hauntingly beautiful young women, not on Kingsmead.

Saturday night got off to a bang. I walked into one of my oldest haunts, a place that holds many, many dear and fond memories for me - The Purple Turtle. It had been done up to fit the theme quite nicely and was full of dressed up darklings. The barlady informed me - after I grew a set of mummy bandages, I waited so fucking long for service - that beers were basically 2 for the price of one. Cue frantically trying to organise a lift home. I was quite prepared to leave my car in Town overnight. Hats off to Bulletscript who did a great job in organising a thoroughly enjoyable event. Only gripe - the sound guy should be shot. Not allowed a chance to try and improve or attend more sound guy courses. Simply shot. Dead. In the face. Obviously his ears aren't of any use. To anyone. Ever. Anywhere. Even despite that I was particularly impressed with Bulletscript's set. I was really looking forward to seeing them as I had yet to do so. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it! As usual Mind Assault was the life of the party and A Walk With The Wicked Grooved us all to Death! Not even the appearance of The Palooka In A Black Plastic Dress could dampen the spirits.

Anyway, next we toddled off to Music For The Masses up the road at what is probably one of my favourite of the "old daze" venues, D'Elyzium. The place has undergone some renovations and is simply put, amazing. It is well appointed and well equipped to host a large variety of events, from dj parties to live gigs. DJ Reanimator and our friend electric, Stephen Green, did a wonderful job and the dancefloor was pumping for the most part. Everyone was having a whale of a time! More of that please!

Sunday was greeted with bleary eyed trepidation and upon deciding that the only decent cure for a hangover of tectonic magnitude was a jumbo boerie dog from Builders Warehouse, I somehow ended up back at home with a couple of new plants...

...and the realisation that I might still be drunk.

So, Happy Halloween everybody! Tonight I will trick myself into believing that I don't have anything pressing to attend to and treat myself to an early night. If you believe that, there's no hope for you.

NGDG: "The Origins of Halloween... Bollocks! I'll tell you - a poor cobbler was preparing a humble repast of raw pumpkin when he slashed off a finger. Oh how the wee bairns did laugh."

Spread The Love. Boo!

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