Friday, October 21, 2011


My friend, Mr Blackheart, posted this pic up and I simply couldn't resist.

Good morning and welcome to another perfectly pert Irreverent Friday. Tonight I walk my silly arse into the wonderful world of Mr John Cleese. I hope it's perilous. There may or may not even be a spanking!

And then tomorrow night it's the turn of the one and only Wikkle Poon to celebrate his birthday. Not only is he the latest guitar-slinging hero in Cape Town, but he is also Francois Pienaar's stunt double. Let's hope that bodes well. It may even get him a "Lay".

Don't you find it particularly annoying when people prattle on about people you don't know and inside jokes when you have no idea what they're on about? I have a friend who does that all the time. Strange that there are still complete unknowns in this day and age. Information being as freely available and all...

Good Sir Neal Goldwyer The Virtually Immortal posed a rather interesting quote for the day today dealing with his, and everyone else's demise...
NGDG: "If the world has to end, I'd like a large asteroid to shear the planet to bits, small enough that they can't generate their own gravity, so I fly off (mercifully unconscious from concussion) to freeze in space, where an alien toddler with a butterfly net will pluck me, and eat me before its mother scolds him. How would you like to go?"

To which I quite naturally responded: "In a deluge of beer n blowjobs." Duh! Quite an interesting question though. How would you like to go? What would you like to see achieved or have accomplished yourself before the final curtain? If you knew the end was imminent what would you be doing differently? Would you streak through the streets exhorting people to repent, grow beards and live off locusts and honey? Not me. Deserted islands full of rum and Kiera Knightly spring to mind, after her boob job of course. I was almost going to go into a whole schpiel about doing all the things you've been putting off like apologising to your cousin for that incident with the dildo, and generally righting all your wrongs, but it is Irreverent Friday, so I'm going to stick with "Get hammered and get laid." I do believe Mr Blackheart would agree with me.

Ps. I hope you don't have that REM song stuck in your head now... See what I did there?

Sunday is the final of the Rugby World Cup. I hope both teams lose. Fuckers.

Spread The Love. Beers. Blowjobs. The End Is Nigh!

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