Friday, October 7, 2011


Well, not dine so much as get a thorough ear pomp. Grab onto your knickers and get your arse on over to ROAR for the coolest gig of the weekend. Rocking The Whats?

Tonight you will have the unique pleasure of being mesmerised in gaping wonder by the 4 (four) members of Ark Synesis pummeling your senses, pulling and distorting your sense of musical order and plucking at your heart strings. These lads deliver an instru-mental deluge of stunning variety, ranging from subtle introspective ambiance to bone-crushing, brain-chilling bombast and everything in between. Truly an act worth experiencing, you'd be a fool to miss these guys. I'll be there. Soaking up the creative, caressing carnage.

They will be joined on the night by Fun Toy and Wildernessking [the new incarnation of rock/prog black metallers, Heathens] and it promises to be a night filled with a veritable bag of musical delights and all-sorts. All this is happening at ROAR tonight and will set you back a paltry R20, incidentally what I paid for a single beer at last night's fetish exhibition.

More on that later...

So pack in your earplugs, booze money and best pick-up lines (chloroform and/or rohypnol) and join the REAL people in the know... Well, basically the more hardcore metal version of hipsters. Coz we do know more than you... You'll thank me. Hopefully by joining me at the bar for a drink.

See you all there later!

But first, this from another man in the know...

NGDG: "So fed up with the FB news feed. Clearly an apple a day couldn't keep the doctors away."

Spread The Love. Tongue In Cheek. Which Cheek?