Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hangover. Check.

Podium finish. Check.

Most awesomest time ever had. Check.

I love LMG Pub Quiz Nights...

We WILL win one day. It's in the stars.

So, moving swiftly onto today, I do believe I qualify for a nap directly after work. Most definitely. Followed by a quick dinner and then more band practice.

And the good news keeps on coming - The Meyer Of Awesomeville is making an honest woman of his better half! Congrats, D'ave and 'Lissa. You've managed to add even more "awesome" to something already "overflowing with awesome" - don't know how you do it.

I promised myself I would join Commander Conker for a trail run this evening, but after prancing around the field twice yesterday before footie, I feel I may not be quite ready yet. Perhaps we can commence the torture next week.

And on that note, we celebrate all sorts of closure. We look toward the future, humbled and at the same time excited. We investigate the considered thoughts of your favourite chubby pop prophet and mine, Saint Smith Of The Wild Hair And Gashed Lipstick.

Book 7 : Chapter 6 : Verse 29 -35

Right, off to play a little on the internet banking - might have a wee rant later. I love giving money away. I just keep telling myself that it makes me a generous philanthropist. Personally I'd settle for just "pist". But let's not get started on THAT cycle.

NGDG: "The only man I want to see in a dress in the limelight is Nataniel."

Indeed. Interesting.

So, dear gentle reader, may your day go swimmingly and be largely devoid of amateur dramatics.

Spread The Love. Or I'll Spread It For You.

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