Friday, October 28, 2011


So here we are - on the eve of Old Hallow's Eve - a weekend it seems that everyone has earmarked for festivities of the ghoulish and ghastly kind. In other parts of the world young kids are getting excited and getting their home made costumes ready for a spot of trick or treating. In South Africa, our youth has just finished its monu-mental march on the Union Buildings to 'trick-or-treat' their very own leaders into nationalising everything. Everything! Not just the mines, but the banks and all other institutions of public interest as well! Can you spell "communism"? Hardly surprising. Anything must be better than their current plight. Marches fix everything. You think they'd settle for a handful of sweeties rather?

On a lighter note, I'm actually quite keen on seeing what people are going to be wearing this Halloween. Tomorrow night I will definitely be on the look out for my personal best dressed. I just hope I can uphold decorum enough not to make a very lecherous point of letting the finalists know in person. Doubtful. I hope I at least manage to escape unscathed with what little dignity I can muster intact.

Especially since I'm considering leaving the house dressed as the March Hare from Alice In Wonderland. Bit nippy for 'no pants' though...

It's been a thoroughly, and pleasantly, lazy Friday so far. I have been particularly blessed to have shared some quality time (no - not THAT sort of quality time) with the DrHellCuz and the 2IC Sidekick online today. Can't wait til the World finally officially accepts that I am the supreme ruler of all - we're gonna make some awesome amendments to existing laws of social interaction and fashion sense.

Too numerous to mention, quite naturally, but the penalties for being a douchebarf are going to be exponentially more harsh than these lax times. You have been warned! I'd start by re-evaluating your grammar, spelling, music taste, attire and attitude towards others.

Just saying.

This game is more fun than "what I'd do if I won the lottery" or "naked jello twister".

In other news, the Honourable Neal Goldwyer informs me that his Halloween costume is, much like Twister, going to turn heads and other body parts. Anyone who sees him prancing about the streets of his local town, pictures please! Speaking of the devil,

NGDG: "T minus 20 hours til the Grapes of Wrath pistol-whip us Gaddafi-style. If I rouse on Sunday and successfully obtain my greasee-paint and green pumpkin I will reward myself with something."

Spread The Love. Dead Girls Don't Say No.

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