Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Scary, innit?

Guys, can you imagine actually stepping out in public looking like this utter tool?
Girls, would you go down on THIS? Let alone take him home to dear ol' papa?

I expect to see a lot of these characters flouncing around like Captain Pants (far, far away from their stronghold at the Biscuit Mall) at the Metallica shows tonight and tomorrow. Clearly they misunderstood "iconic" for "ironic". Dickholes.

Well, other than last night's wunder-drubbing - Barcelona got mauled by Bayern Munich - there is precious little to report. Everyone's excited about the concert. I'm going running. The Hot Girlfriend is still hot. Looking forward to making music with my cohorts this evening. Life is indeed still peachy.

Unless of course you count the numerous times a day I am driven to the verge of homicidal mania at work. It's that time of the year again. Luckily the cool part of my job far outweighs the few times I am unfortunate enough to have to deal with the imbeciles of this world.

And speaking of all things awesomely amazing and totally incredible. If you haven't already, check out Shannon Hope as she continues her whirlwind tour of Old London Town. Dates here. And if you have, well, I don't need to tell you, and you're probably going again...

And since I have nothing further to add to your well-being, enlightenment, or general enjoyment of life, this is where I say cheers and bugger off. I have important things like recycling and picking up curtains to do. In a car. With a big engine. Which doesn't in the least resemble a penny-farthing or a fixie. In clothes that don't elicit spontaneous projectile vomiting. And I wear socks inside my shoes. Don't get me started on the unique and ground-breaking idea each and every single hipster had at the same time to wear the exact same type of hat...

I know... I know... Hipster bashing IS the new hipsterism. Pffft. Fuck it! They fucking annoy me to distraction.
I imagine this is what my poor old-fashioned father felt like when I came home as an adolescent goth/punk.

NGDG: [*I've been saving this one...] So many kids with bad eyesight. It's like the optometrist's waiting room. With beer. And the awesome The Kooks.

Spread The Love. Fashion is Thankfully Fleeting.

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