Friday, April 5, 2013


Comic Con SA turned out to be a disappointment.

Yay! yay! It's Friday. My 3 day work week is almost at an end and I can feel the warm relief engulfing me like a trickle of happy pee in beige chinos. Hallah-loob-jizz!

Here's an interesting thing I read today. Puts today's drivel a little bit more into perspective. It has Keith Richards in it. The only person left with any rock 'n' roll is Lemmy, and that's just because he refuses to die. I wish some of today's so called artists would die. But not at age 27. That would render them part of a club they are not fit for.

Ending sentences on prepositions is the stuff dreams are made of.

I wonder why no one ever thought of setting up a stall outside Polsmoor that sold prepositions. Could be a gold mine. Literacy aside.

Anyway, I'm taking this brief window of opportunity while Faeceboobsland is in a slump to spew forth whatever is currently slooshing through the sewer of my mind. Or, as it turns out, the future swill, as nothing more than Bakers Dozen movies are currently occupying the frontal lobe.

Ah yes. Tarty Farty Tequila Party is currently becoming an anti-plastic ambassador. I wonder if the local pop-punk band by that name is aware of this smear campaign. Whilst the intention is laudable, I think we should rather look at the alternatives to plastic in our households. I think it goes without saying that we should at least try and cut down on the non bio-degradable plastics used in the packaging of our products, but there are certain things that cannot be replaced by alternate materials. Toothbrushes, for instance. Can you imagine a wood handled toothbrush with pig-hair bristles? For the sake of hygiene and the simple expense, plastic wins that one hands down.

Then there is the question of utilizing wood or metal instead of plastic. Arguments against deforestation and the pillaging of natural resources should take care of that one. But we can limit the damage if we recycle responsibly, thereby keeping the plastic in the "loop", effectively. Although yet another counter argument exists that states that the energy requirements for recycling outweigh those of manufacturing from virgin material. It's a no win situation. We'd better start building our Wall-E robots...

Anyway, enough of that. She said.

This weekend promises to be quite the showstopper. Tomorrow night the metal hordes descend on what I'm led to believe is a nice trendy dance club for a 6 band extravaganza. Catch the likes of The Warinsane, Infanteria, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Wildernessking, Strident, Marching Dead and Beeldenstorm at Liquid Abyss. If you like your ears to bleed, this sounds like just the thing. Find me at the bar and indulge in your obsession with buying faux-celebrity a beer. Alternatively you can catch The Four Horsemen, ING, The Warinsane (again) and Moment Of Clarity at Underground In III at ROAR. Mmmmm, perhaps a little bit of communication would have been in order.

In other news, other than Saturday night's headbanging hedonism, I'm going to spend my weekend playing Lego. Words can't describe how therapeutic it is to search for hours on end for that one block that is impossible to find...

If this post seems a little rushed, that's because it is. I am currently racing Tarty Farty Tequila Party, who is also writing a post for her blog.

I know...

Breaking news, folks! Gather round! Hear ye! Hear ye!

Hell has frozen over...

NGDG: If the next three weeks are this busy they'll fly by like a notably repugnant but surprisingly flighty reptile.

Spread The Love. Metal Has Always Been Better Than Plastic.

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