Friday, April 12, 2013


We interrupt normal programming to bring you this breaking news. This post will not contain any expletives or rants about shitty government officials.
Ah shit!

Ahhh shit!!!

London! You are being placed under Defcon 5! Remember - do not panic! (Ha! Hang the DJ!) Please file out in an orderly fashion.

Remember the scenes when the Beatles first landed in 'Murica?
Well, London, prepare yourselves for screaming, swooning, tearful mayhem, as SHANNON HOPE decends on your defenceless little island. She is touring. For you. So that you may share in the unimaginable eargasms of her musical majesty. I've done this before. I wrote a piece explaining how I couldn't possibly write any more about how incredible an artsit she is. So you'd better go and check out the shows - you lucky, lucky buggers. Lest ye miss out on the undeniably life altering experience.

Here are the dates 'n' details.

And THIS is why I bother.

More to follow later, when I'm feeling suitably saucy. My good man...

NGDG: Kurt Cobain died 19 years ago today [5 April]. How old do you feel now?

Spread The Love. Oh Boy...

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