Thursday, April 4, 2013


The Caltex there by Tygervalley. Re, re, re, re, re, re, re, re, revisited.

Yet another Big CONcerts debacle. Yet another incensed outcry from some or other whiny pillock and his ill informed ilk.
And by 'debacle', I am naturally referring to the fact that we have to deal with a VENUE CHANGE. Yes folks, according to reports, Metallica are now going to be playing a whole 25km from their initially booked venue. I wonder if there would have been such a ground swell of outrage had the venue change been in the opposite direction. The Durbanvillians would have lost.their.shit!

Anyway, long story short, I am reading all sorts of speculative bullshit. If it's true that ticket exchanges are costing extra, I put it to you that Big CONcerts are committing heavy metal hara-kiri. For a largely successfully company who have pulled off numerous high profile concerts, all of which seemed to have some wet-pantied virgin up in arms about some logistical hiccup, they're still in burgeoning business. And for all the negative publicity they have received, they still manage to do the job regularly. It takes an inordinate amount of planning and work - not to mention subcontracting - to put one of these entertainment extravaganzas together. And the bajillionty people that seem to enjoy themselves regardless of your misgivings render your point entirely moot.

Here is the problem: you need to identify your lifestyle choice.

According to popular culture's accepted societal prescriptions Metalheads are a jovial bunch that drink lots of lager and like to swish their enviably long hair around at breakneck speed while enjoying loud, fast, aggressive music. In other words, the type of person usually associated with a Metallica gig or concert.
Goths, on the other hand, are world class whingers, usually found blending into the shadows in exclusively black garb and affectations towards dramatic prose.

Now I am neither, but I know, love and respect lots of these types. Since when did Metallica become a Goth band? This is the only logical conclusion all the online bitching can support. Don't let the Misfits covers fool you, Danzig and Co only employed the make up. What, you have no idea what I'm talking about? No shit.

You, your dimwitted girlfriend and your Mr Price Ramones tshirt can stay at home and sulk into your Oros. I'm going to go tits up at the concert and enjoy every second of it. Yes! Even the Reload crap!

NGDG: Marilyn Manson, a fat man in a YSL corset: proof that fashion is a trick men play on women.

Spread The Love. Nothing Else Matters.

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