Monday, April 8, 2013


What a weekend. I've gone a week without The Hot Girlfriend now and, in the immortal words of Freddie Mercury "I'm going slightly mad..." Although in hindsight, perhaps quoting Freddie isn't the wisest thing to do given the context. I hate it when she's studying.

Although I did put the me time to good use. I have now successfully assembled all the Lego I have. Well, the sets for which I still own plans. Unfortunately, as can be expected, there are a few small pieces missing, leaving a few spacecraft/fire engines without vital lights, etc. Also, some of the parts are broken, but in general it all works pretty well. I was also left with a small collection of pieces that are now considered "left over". These are from a few very old sets for which I have no building instruction, and I can't remember what they were in the first place. So I winged it and made a helicopter and a big fuck off SUV. They are quite possibly the ugliest creations on Earth. Scarily so.

I did venture out on Saturday. A whole collection of awesome metal bands played a stellar show at a local (seemingly decommissioned) R&B club. It was very interesting to see how the other half lives. On the plus side, I could discern the actual floor tile colour, which was a Playground-esque chequered black and white arrangement. On the downside, over priced and understocked beer was a bit of a bummer. My compliments to the organiser. Liquid Abyss, whilst apparently not a huge money spinner, was a laudable success. Also, I got drunk in some great company, to some great tunes and performances. Well done indeed!

Well, I say "got" drunk. What I actually mean is "completed the task". B Of The Bottom picked me up and along with a mate's cousin, went to Constantia for pre-drinks. The combination of Arsenal on the telly, My Dying Bride on the stereo, and some fancy cognac were just enough for me to handle witnessing The Bigness put on his trousers. Long story. Great fun.

And tonight is the Manchester Derby. Purely for bragging rights, since the title is in the proverbial bag. Although my lack of DSTv could be a little obstacle. And I certainly don't feel like going out in this dreary weather. Speaking of... I still haven't carried on with my running yet. It's that time of year, when any excuse will do. Know what I mean? I can't possibly go out when it's a little iffy outside. Can you imagine - I would catch my death!
Besides, I decided that I need some extra motivation in the form of an mp3 player strapped to my person. And I haven't gotten around to buying one yet.

There is nothing else. For some strange reason there is nothing in the news that is worth bitching over. And very little extraordinary happened on which to comment. Unless you count me fixing the bath's plumbing and buying a whole bunch of compost. And some new guitar picks.

NGDG: My first Gautrain experience. Verdict: desolate. Murders will happen here.

Spread The Love. See Above.

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