Thursday, April 18, 2013


What happened next...?

Guess who is going away for the weekend. No, that's not an open invitation to nick the contents of my home, South Africa. Not very ubuntu of you, especially now, since it's been discovered that our very own Buthulezi is in fact a dapper looking Ray Charles. See, the fame doesn't stop with Morgan Freeman...

Yes, me. I'm going away. And not because you wished so vehemently in your prayers either. The Hot Girlfriend and I are joining Tarty Farty Tequila Party and others (including Jean Pant and Slappy) on one of her radical work adventures. She has to document how much fun we have and how utterly delightful the establishment is, then write about it so that other people will feel compelled to visit the place and hand over all of their money. My friends are good people.

This weekend we will find ourselves enveloped in the bosom of luxury, nestled in a small town's wine estate, sharing a Villa which boasts 4 en-suite suites (sweet!), a swimming pool outside, a heated indoor pool, a jacuzzi, a fire place, a braai, and free towels and coffee. I'm quite looking forward to it.
As an added bonus, there is horse riding and wine tasting on site. It's a good thing the horse riding is at sparrow fart, because I plan on getting stuck into the wine right after breakfast! Then Tarty is off to go ogle potential life partners hidden behind masks of facial hair. The rest of us will probably take in the sunset from the jacuzzi.
Sunday promises to be just as decadent - we're going to indulge in a very famous roast lunch. Apparently the roast is prepared in a pizza oven over night. I might have to up the running regularity.

This week can't end fast enough...

But first I have to endure the harrowing ordeal that is dinner with The Better Half Of The DSW and my Brother-In-Awe. The Dutchies are visiting and are already gatvol of the "pass to the left hand side" joke. So I got invited to dinner. Can't wait - it's always a culinary extravaganza.

And then one more day of work. Luckily, Fridays in Cape Town aren't taken as seriously as elsewhere in our lovely country. Although they do seem to be interminable, even if you work hard in order to speed up time.

In the meantime, why don't you go and make your own mind up about our local talent, seeing as there is currently so much debate raging. More raging than constructive debate, mind you. Here is a short list of things that are currently worthwhile sinking your teeth into:

  1. We Are A Conduit performing 'The Sniper & Goliath' at Mercury.
  2. Lucy Kruger performing 'Shudder' with Andre Leo somewhere in the Karoo. (This is guaranteed goose bump stuff right here!)
  3. Then, if you feel like some dynamite in a small package, check out The Dollfins 'In My Head'.
  4. And just because I feel like it, here is Th'DamnedCrows doing what they do best. Check out 'Blue Eyed Devil', also at Mercury.

Did you see what I did there?

I included some rock-a-billy. Now I have all sorts of cred.


NGDG: Perhaps I had a bit too much to drink but, once again, my car proves itself roadblock-proof. Fuck them. And their law.

Spread The Love. You Can Do It, Nicky!

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