Tuesday, May 7, 2013


We truly are blessed. Tonight we get another band that appeals only to the nostalgic and to the people who have DSTV only for Supersport. Don't get me wrong, Bon Jovi was one of my favourite bands as a youngster. In the same way that John Parr was. Right up until I bought a Pop Shop record for the 'Saint Elmo's Fire' single and was immediately enlightened by Messrs Gore and Gahan. And thank goodness for that.
Then, hold onto your horses, we have one of the biggest stars in the music industry the very next night! Notice how I chose the words. I really feel for the cleaning staff on duty between the 2 shows. At least ol' Attie gets to save on set-up/strike-down costs. I also find it beyond precious that all the school kids have been warned against playing truant tomorrow.

And that is the problem with the youth today.

Missing a day of today's "education" will probably only benefit you.

I remember the day like it was yesterday... Messrs Gore, Gahan, Wilder and Fletcher were in their absolute prime, touring the world under the Devotional banner. I got to the Good Hope Centre at 8 in the morning. I partied and jostled for position all day. Except that half an hour it took to stumble up to Tech and randomly race through a multiple choice Chemistry test. Pfffft. Still passed. And then become part of one of the most glorious nights ever to have happened anywhere. Even my belt needed wringing out. And it wasn't even pee...

I wonder how many people attending tonight's concert will be dropping their kids off at the same venue tomorrow, disgusted and disappointed. Yet another reason not to procreate. Well, at least one day, when I'm all grown up and kids are an option... and I'm still able... with any luck they will be genetically predisposed to having something resembling decent music taste. Heaven only knows the absolute shit that'll be printed on every lunchbox in creation then. With any luck being tormented by years of listening to Daddy struggle, fumble and stumble his way through even the most rudimentary metal classics (and some rather morose home made tunes) my progeny will be the bad influence on other less enlightened kids at school. I'm hoping this is the case, as it'll probably get me out of many a school function or parent teacher type interaction.

Anyway, back to being blessed. The next "great" visitors to our beloved Mother City - and more specifically our great big White Elephant of a stadium - are a bunch as famous for nicking wheels off stationary cars as they are for harbouring fugitives of the racist cannibalistic kind. I'd like to see Luis Suarez try any of that shit on our local Ajax lads...

That's enough whinging from me for today. I'm almost off for a lovely little canter to Clifton and back, legs'n'lungs willing. And then I have to take the alternate route home, thanks to some shaggy haired relics in torn jean pants. And Bon Jovi...

NGDG: I discovered a new running route today. Yes, we're the last of the true explorers. Like Francis Drake. With our facial hair and tights.

Spread The Love. We're Halfway There.

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