Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Movie stars. Always with the socially responsible messages...

And by fan, I of course mean the N2 highway. Reports are coming in of a bunch of janitors dumping a load of human faeces on the N2. Probably in some desperate attempt to make someone aware of their plight. Anyone remember that wonderful animated movie Madagascar? "Well of course we're going to fling pooh!" 'Nuff said...

People exist in different levels of society. The poor are unfortunate, but not alone. And therein lies their only respite. Instead of bemoaning their fate individually and tipping bins, breaking shit, or indeed, flinging it, mass action has taught us - historically - that it can effect change. But what if a good old fashioned sing-along in the streets and handing over a piece of paper with terrible spelling on it doesn't work? Then crap all over our roads will do the trick!

It's quite obvious that it's the rich who are at fault. I saw a shocking statistic the other day which explained that the amount of money spent waging war was a millionty times what would be required to eradicate poverty altogether. Noble. Misguided, but noble. And probably far from the full story.

This is how it works, and has since the beginning of time:

The disenfranchised are without hope, wealth, or means to uplift their station. And no TV, although driving along Defecation Boulevard past the airport you may notice the forest of satellite dishes sellotaped to the majority of the shacks. This means that they fuck an inordinate amount and produce vast armies of mouths which they then cannot feed. This then becomes a vicious circle until they all get armed and force their young to take violent action against the rich.

The middle class are the pillars which uphold society and the status quo. Their empathy for the poor is restricted to weekends and holidays, as long as it doesn't interfere with their Saturday morning jaunts to the Biscuit Mall. The occasional small donation and some time spent doing some community service, hopefully including some media coverage, is enough to assuage their pangs of guilt. Every day we drive past monumental cathedrals of both pathetic squalor AND grotesque capitalism. And then just as you enter Town, you get to perve at the cars in the Ferrari shop. Motivation to occupy space in an office somewhere and opine pointlessly on the interwebnets.

The rich don't give a fuck and never will. It's how they got there in the first place. The only way to get more of something that's finite in its amount, is to take it from someone else. It takes a certain type of person to allow avarice to become their primary attribute. Until the masses with their pitchforks and AK47s turn up on their doorsteps...

So it is. Madiba's daughters are suing him for the right to plunder his wealth. Nepotism and kleptocracy have all but smothered any chance that our country can continue being the shining, leading light that held so much promise in '94. Your children are going to inherit a legacy of shit strewn streets, where the only gold to be found is on every other street corner, arched over the franchises turning them into human foie gras. Our only recourse? Making the same asinine comments under news stories and bickering like vultures over the carcass of our land. And that goes for all lands...

Anyway. Opinions are like arseholes.

I sincerely wish that you all have a fantastic day.

At least I have Doom Metal.

NGDG: Job hunting online. Like hunting bears with a tazer and a Yorkshire terrier.

Spread The Love. Let Them Eat C***.

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