Thursday, May 23, 2013


In that case, I am probably a total meathead.

This is just a quick one to bring to your attention the tragic death of an infant - allegedly due to being breastfed by his vegan mom and dying as a result of poor nutrition. If you read the article, which goes on to report that the parents have been imprisoned for 5 years for neglect, you will find out that what you ingest indeed affects the nutrition of your breastmilk.

Isn't it weird how I'm not fixating on the breast part of the story for a change?

Anyway, shouldn't we actually be feeling something for the parents? Surely they must be devastated. I'm sure that they, like most vegans, were convinced that they were doing the right thing. And I'm equally sure that the counter-argument against the inhumane treatment of animals (bred for our consumption) and the sanctity of life will rage. How about we all just get less fucking militant about it?

Charity starts at home. Got a problem with battery chickens? Don't eat 'em. If you're like me and you can't see that fast food tastes like anything other than cardboard and you don't fancy the idea of eating what is essentially fake meat, then don't. If you're vehemently against animal products in general, then at least do your kid the solid of taking the necessary vitamin supplements. We're not living in pooh huts! The only thing that should not be subject to moderation is booze intake! Priorities!

Anyway, I'm sure my vegan buddies will protest most indignantly. Whatever. You're braaing your own damn veggie burgers at the next braai. I am taking a stand! Against McDonalds. Against KFC. Against Burger King. Against all bloody fast "food" outlets. And against that fucking awful veggie burger crap as well! In the name of "they all taste like shit!"

Broccoli has feelings too!

Anyway, I'm off to go and enjoy (retch for breath, stumble, curse and splutter) a nice easy canter along the Promenade. Health isn't restricted to what you stick in you. Speaking of, are vegans allowed to fuck? Mmmmmm, good question. If the article has anything to say about it, they aren't allowed to breed. But then, I suspect this article to be entirely one sided. Oh boy, am I gonna get flack for this one...

Spread The Love. I'll Have The Steak.

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