Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Go on... you know you want to.

As mentioned in yesterday's post, it's that time of year when a retrospective look over one's shoulder is a pretty decent idea. In this case, it's primarily for your entertainment, but also so I can remember what I got up to. You see, this blog also serves to document the "Suitable For Work" part of my life. And considering I suffer from permanently-shitfaced-amnesia, this has been quite useful. Michael Gira would be proud...

So here is the "latest-wat-uit-is" best of the Monster From The Blog. My Christmas gift to you:

  1. Not a single slinky in sight - a manic tale of celebration and celebrity.

  2. Apparently everyone does Mondays wrong. This explains a lot.

  3. When your average day at the office is a Boner-fied Net Wank.

  4. If only it had been Flesh For Fantasy...

  5. I think Meshuggah said it best. Of course they did. The only way to live.

  6. Don't worry, this "bit between" is not too graphic!

  7. The Seven Deadly Sins of internet use - according to this Ass Badge.

  8. A Challenge. It was all about pie. Unfortunately not the 314 variety.

  9. It's time to shave a line down the middle of your chest hair.

  10. Inspirational. Like American with oversized smiles and pomped up on their own zeal.

  11. It's close enough to Christmas to include my Wishlist here.

  12. Aaaah! Mo'vember Reign! Read this even if it's only for the picture.

  13. A large black man with udders.

  14. Everything's coming to a grinding halt...
And that, ladies and gentlefolk, concludes our object lesson in the human condition - and more importantly - our glorious opportunity to catch up, have a good chuckle and waste a whole bunch of time at work.

[Previous "best of" here.]

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