Sunday, January 22, 2012


Friday, as you can imagine was spent watching the clock, and the cricket. I made it home in record time, wheels screeching, and settled in to watch the Proteas fuck it up for the first time this tour. Oh well, luckily that wasn't the proposed highlight of the evening.

After the Hot Girlfriend treated us to pizza, off we did bugger to Mercury on a hot and sticky night. Mercury was FULL. Mercury was full of the kind of people you greet with warm hugs and warmer smiles. Mercury was brimming with the kind of hot anticipation that sticks to everyone, as they mill around between their friends and the bar. I met Tombstone Pete, unfortunately I had just missed his show, but heard it was genius. I will most certainly be checking him out the first chance I get based purely on what a cool dude he is and everyone's rousing reports. We Set Sail had the heaving crowd doing their collective nut as if they were the headliners, putting in as energetic and engaging a show as I've seen in a while. You can tell these guys live this music - a heady instrumental mosaic that inevitably builds to a rocking conclusion that has all parties panting like whores in church, but having far more fun!

Then this gangly dude, exuding more enthusiasm than was humanly possible without some serious substance abuse, bestrode the stage and boomed out over the mic that the time had finally arrived. He kept shouting from the stage, exhorting the assembled masses to "Say Burr Tooth! Say Burr Tooth!" I didn't, my mouth too busy taking in much needed liquid replenishment and refreshment, but is sounded like everyone else did! If the crowd's insistent chant - demanding the boys from "Burr! Tooth!" get their arses on stage, didn't raise the roof, well... the roof was well and truly fucking raised when they came bounding on, immediately kicking out the kind of jams they are so renowned for. A dense, yet crisp, sonic blitzkrieg filled the venue and they strutted their stuff like seasoned pros, but with the same excitement normally reserved for younger bands, as they were clearly not only here to tear us all a new one, but were as excited as 4 year olds at Christmas at the prospect of doing so.

And tear us a new one they did!

Hair a-flail and fingers a-dancing they mesmerized the bouncing, frenzied, shoulder-to-shoulder crowd with their 80s inspired melodic metal, the interplay between these virtuoso musos reaching almost ridiculous levels of wizardry. Perhaps it was because I was enjoying myself so much. Perhaps it was because I was drinking too much (the two certainly NOT mutually exclusive). Perhaps I was too distracted by ass. But it seemed over almost as soon as it started. But the crazed, rabid masses were not having any of it! Rarely have I heard such an insistant and persistent cry of "Encore!" - the band didn't have much choice, stalking back onto the stage and giving the crowd some of their favourite covers, Van Halen's "Jump" being the obvious crowd pleaser, the crowd being "pleased" into even more extreme forms of enjoyment, catching bodies as the more entused punters launched themselves in a series of impressive stage dives.

All in all it was a fantastic show and a truly memorable night. Well, the parts afterwards I can actually remember...

...and Kyle Gray's guest vocal talents were a rare treat as well!

Saturday morning the Hot Girlfriend had to make breakfast because I couldn't. Much time was spent remaining still.

Later on it was time to attend Tableau Vixen's braai and on the way home I saw something. It was still hot. So hot in fact, that a "lady of ill repute" was standing on the corner with her tits out! How absolutely radical is that!

In other news, Sunday was also spent as still as possible and watching more cricket.

Tonight I take on more manual labour - no doubt tomorrow's report with deal with much aching and paining.

...A whore. With her tits out! Fantastic! (Sorry, it was worth repeating...)

NGDG: "I caught the garter. Thanks to Clifford Besseling for the line-out lift. Now I have to get married. Slim blonde readers apply within."

Spread The Love. Show Us Yer Tits, Luv!

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