Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  1. The Sri Lankan National anthem is longer than they managed to bat in the first One Day International.

  2. Hyundai and Kia are tremendously popular car makes in Gauteng.

  3. January sales are very effective at ridding you of every last cent to your name.

  4. No matter where you go in this life, you will be faced with bigoted, bitter people. My advice is to realise that you are better off and try and ignore them as they don't deserve the recognition.

  5. If you buy beer often enough, you are less likely to realise the very gradual and constant increase in price. Mainly because you'll then be permanently too sozzled to care...

  6. Having one's own garden is therapeutic. Especially when you make fists with your toes while walking on your lawn.

  7. There will always be people that disappoint you - people that can't keep their promises or their end of a bargain.

  8. Similarly, there will also always be people on whom you can count, that will always be there for you - ready with a warm heart and a cold beer.

  9. You will always revert back to your first love in music.

  10. Drama only bothers those who court it.

  11. One can never own too many guitars.

  12. There is a mysterious conspiracy afoot which doesn't allow TDB to watch any of the cricket.

  13. Proof reading is a very important, yet tragically overlooked necessity.

  14. People very rarely miss the opportunity to moan when faced with the slightest level of discomfort or when they feel the slightest bit hard done by, but when good things happen they're just taken for granted.

  15. SABC Weather presenters have ALL lowered the bar. Or dropped the baton entirely.

  16. No matter how I twist and turn, I am too big to be doing any work under a desk.

  17. It is remarkably difficult to get back into any sort of fitness routine after the festive season.

  18. I am convinced that Neil Johnson and Gareth Flusk are in fact employed by SuperSport. Their commentary on SABC literally makes me want to subscribe to DSTV before I pierce my eardums with sharp pencils.

  19. Insurance of any kind is exorbitant.

  20. Mobile online devices rule your lives.

Can you tell that not much has happened since this time yesterday? Unless you count manual labout under a desk...

NGDG: "I read in GQ magazine that "If you're using Facebook after 11pm you're using it for the wrong reasons." Maybe GQ should be so lucky as to have nocturnally entertaining friends. Maybe GQ should regret giving 'Lulu' 5 stars. Maybe GQ should stop being such a piece of shit."

Spread The Love. Use A Creative Consultant If Necessary.

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