Tuesday, January 24, 2012


No. YOU don't get free pizza. I get free pizza. How cool is that? I won a competition (it was for the snarkiest comment - a no-brainer) and consequently I get to cash in on 2 free pizzas from Debonairs courtesy of Running Wolf's Rant. So picture me sitting in the office registering furiously and sticking my tongue out in constipated concentration as I navigated the treacherous ordering page. Good thing I called them after I clicked - they'd already fucked up the collection time...

The reason I have to resort to free meals and a freezer full of leftovers is that I am about to embark on another major DIY (ad)venture. A while back I got it into my head to renovate my kitchen. Many months of careful planning (read bright new-and-improved idea for layout with every fresh beer) later I had settled on a design and a plan of action. At which time my dad - bless his toes - announces he too is renovating his kitchen. But he's doing it the adult way. Ripping everything out and having new everything put in (including appliances) at astronomical expense... And do I want the original kitchen's cabinets?

Since I had no intention of replacing the rickety Russells cabinets in my plans, mainly because I couldn't afford to, I leaped at the opportunity. Last night the opportunity came to fruition with my dad and I lugging in ALL the kitchen cabinets from his house to mine. It took roughly 3 and a half hours. The hallway is once again victim to a bits-o-furniture invasion. Not to mention every spare square inch in my existing, but soon-to-be-defunkt current kitchen.

Oh, and I ate the first tomato out of my own garden last night. Quite ceremoniously as well, I might add. It was extraordinary!

Which brings me to today's mood setter. I have an ex. Well, several... but of the 2 that have made it past a few years together, only one remains with whom I have any contact. She has announced that she is pregnant! It's an awesome day and I am over the moon happy for her. Those that know, know.

Why do I feel weird about it then? Is it because it is something that was a topic of frequent discussion? It certainly isn't jealousy. Maybe I just feel weird because I feel weird? I'm putting it down to recent revelations. It's amazing what dredging up the past can yield... Anyway, tonight calls for a drink either way.

Tonight being the infamous DOOM jam. Where everyone comes together, wears black (except for the Flip Flops). plays songs measured in bereavements per minute, and is generally miserable. Notafuck! Looking forward to a great night of frolicking in the fields of frivolity and laughter! And everyone squeezing between various parts of kitchen...

Today, the King Of The Quip has been on a roll and to avoid any disappointment, I will have to post 2 of his insights. I do this because I love you...

NGDG: "Big Ben is slowly sinking into the Thames. If skew architecture ever appeals to me, at least now I won't have to travel to a place where no English is spoken and the locals try to kill each other with Fiats."

NGDG: "I propose that the world adopt the Native American calender. Instead of bland old 'January', we'd now be in the 'Moon When The Snow Drifts Into The Teepees'."

Spread The Love. Until It's Time To Go Mad And Move On...

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