Friday, January 27, 2012


Well the weekend is shaping up to be one that will go down in history (like your sister in that class that time...) as one of the most enjoyable to date (like your sister... again).

The venerable and venereal-disease-free DrHellCuz And The 314 Gang are here for the Tattoo Convention. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth... Incidentally you may want to go and check out the work of the 314, they are THE shit. All the way from Jaded Ink in Centurion, please welcome Cathy "She Changed Her Middle Name Because Of Metallica" Proctor and Van THE Man. They sling ink fucking awesome! Going for a few drinkies after work with this choice little band of delinquents - name drop, name drop...

And tomorrow is the big one. Metal4Africa's annual Summerfest. Great line up of bands including the likes of Sabretooth, Terminatryx, Theatre Runs Red and many more for the more metal minded among you. A full afternoon and night's worth of fan-fucking-tastic entertainment, even the supremely talented and beautiful Black Orchid Burlesque Beasties to feast your sinful eyes on. I know I certainly will.

Jeesh Sunday is gonna suck...

Another extremely talented buddy of mine has just invented this. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably throw up a little bit in your mouth. But it's worth it. Every last little bit!

Anyway, enjoy this Irreverent Friday as irreverently as you know how. Go sniff some petrol tanks or chat up a couple of old ladies. Just have fun. Me, it's almost beer-o-clock and the weather is begging to be enjoyed here in the Cape Of Finally But Not Completely Rid Of The Fucking Vaalies.

Have fun folks!

NGDG: Neal has been disturbingly quiet today. Perhaps he is building up the antici...

...pation. For Monday. Watch this space...

Spread The Love. Raise The Horns. \m/

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