Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As some of the more ardently attentive among you, me dear gentle readership, may have realised, I fucking love boobs! (Incidentally I love fucking boobs as well, given the chance...) But nothing I can say, do or write can come close to the incredible truth spoken by this guy. He is my new hero. It's that simple. He has managed to articulate so much. And that's just about breasts. I won't even attempt to emulate him.

I should probably point out that I partially disagree with him, however. His assertion that he cares about boobs, only the boobs and nothing but the boobs does not sit well with me. I'm more of a "whole deal" kinda guy. The lucky few of you who have read The Infamous List would know this about me.

In breaking news this hour! My pal (see? I know celebrities 'n' shit) the wonderfully talented and all round amazingly cool chap, The Weekend Wizzard, is being interviewed on Pasella tonight. On SABC. At 7:30. I hope Vicky Davis is involved. She's definitely the coolest of the lot. Anyway, be sure to tune in for a sensual, sophisticated and smothered-in-yumminess take on the culinary delight that is the delicious dish he will be preparing for all of you this evening. Do NOT miss it. Even the effervescent Tarty Farty Tequila Party is curbing her enthusiasm for a night out in order to catch this guy on the telly. He makes Nigella look like a bit of old bland pastry...

I am furthermore going to take the very unique opportunity my access to the internet has afforded me to remind you of an upcoming event. I wonder why no one else has thought of this before? It's pure genius!

This Saturday is the annual great-big-gathering-of-metalheads-and-assorted-tag-alongs known as the infamous SUMMERFEST very graciously brought to you by the kind, intelligent and hard working folk at Metal4Africa. I'm going. This alone should precipitate an entire army of you to suddenly click on the link, find out everything there is to find out about it, and make or change plans just so that you too can be at this kiefbrutalepicawesome event. All of your daily requirements will be catered for. Cheap beer and loads of inebriated chicks in very skimpy outfits. Some insanely cool metal, even...

See you delinquents at the bar! I'll have a Jagermeister, thanks!

NGDG: "Why do the powdered remnants at the bottom of a cereal box conspire to choke you, when cereals that are all powder, all the way through, don't?"

Spread The Love. Because The Darkness Believes In It...

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