Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Wollie made me do it - love the leash...

So there I was. I had it all planned. The dishwasher was packed and I was ready to relax for the evening with my feet up and a cold Birkinhead in hand.

Then, catastrophe! We won the cricket in record time, leaving me with the rest of the evening to sort of wander around doing random shit.

South Africa convincingly thumping Sri Lanka = worth it.
Laughing at TDB who got home too late to see one ball = really funny.
Peter Kirsten's considered analysis of the game "The Sri Lankans are just playing - the word starts with a 'k' and is three letters..." - Priceless!

Typically the game on Saturday won't finish early - mainly because I want it to - as I am otherwise engaged in the afternoon.

Are you ready? Hold onto your socks and hide your daughters! Ladies and gentlemen! The time is upon us!
Described as "neck breaking South African 80s inspired melodic metal with a progressive twist", Sabretooth are set to wow your pants off (like ALL the girls...) tonight, when their debut album is streamed live on this world exclusive broadcast on Voice Of Rock. The album is due to be launched next week and this is a full length preview including track-by-track comments from the band themselves. It'll be like... like, like sharing a bottle of Jack Daniels with Nikki Sixx.
[*Disclaimer, it's rude to label any band - and these guys are not really Cock Rock, it's just all I could think of for the title that started with a C... well almost.]
7pm tonight on the one and only Voice Of Rock. Do NOT miss this. This is almost as kiefbrutalepicawesome as seeing Lord Doom's bobbing head for 2.5 seconds on EtV News last night. (I have to admit to missing it, but saw it on YouTube today - I love the intrawebnets...)

I have a very famous left elbow - in keeping with the theme. It was on Carte Blanche once or twice. Something rather embarrassing to do with some silly tit from these parts jetting off into space and having a proud family...

Oh yes, I wanted to make a special "Retard Of The Day" mention of all the whinging little mommy's bitches that have taken all this time out of their oh-so-busy schedules contemplating their mortality and the camber of their fringes in relation to the stooped-old-man angle of their posture (breathe...) to moan that local promoters aren't doing enough to bring their favourite underground music acts to our shores at discount prices and also including whatever nonentity local band worth less than the shoes they wear on the bill as well (breathe...). Moan all you want. One day you'll grow up, shear the paedo-stache, actually get to fuck a real live girl and see that you are in fact an insignificant little tit. Perhaps this will facilitate an about turn in your world view.

Personally, the less of you contaminating my air as I enjoy the spectacle of In Flames, the better. And Fokokpolisiekar deserves to be on the bill because they've done nothing but work their arses off for years and years and have actually achieved something.
Ramfest tickets = booked!

NGDG: " I don't ordinarily drink and drive but some days you just have to get to work."

Spread The Love. Like Melrose. Yummy, yummy. Oh Boy, Mum Remembered The Love!

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