Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In today's outpouring of schmaltz from the loftiest little virtual soapbox in the whole of intraweblands, we check out - firstly - a proudly South African form of exercise and wage negotiation. It is a tool most often used by tantrumming toddlers and disgruntled workers when the loudly declared phrase "I want! I want!" isn't doing the trick. In this segment, we learn a valuable routine and classic part of indigenous culture - How to Toyi-Toyi.  Please refrain from the more advanced routines, which include muscle toning through bin tipping. You're still a novice and might hurt yourself.

Secondly, The Car Guy shows all the would-be "photographers" out there in intrawebland how it's done on his recent trip to photograph the Dakar Rally. He even slipped in a naughty little word in his blog about it. Naughty, naughty...

And then, as all good things come in threes, Fetish go and publish their tour dates for South Africa. Everyone knows I worship this band. I'm as excited as a fat kid in a huge cup cake having to eat its way out, when mine eyes cast downwards and I spy the support act for Durban. Well, "support schmapport", either way - it is the incomparable Miss Shannon Hope. Seeing Michelle Breeze and Shannon on the same night would render most music lovers catatonic, but THIS music lover? Plans are afoot to make a wee road trip. (I'll probably make a wee as well...) We'll see if I survive. With Tarty Farty Tequila Party as a travel companion, I'm sure shenanigans will be the order of the day.

That's enough about you. Let's talk about me. Tonight I record the next great SubVerS mega hit with my co-conspirators at Studio Swag (Fuck, I hate that word, but that's for another blog altogether). Alas I might not fit the dreaded running in before, so I'm totally gutted about that.

Rose Thorn was a model patient and escaped from her surgery - obviously not unscathed - but successfully. She is in fact well enough to complain about the paper underwear provided her and posting pictures of hospital food. So I don't think we have anything to worry about. Welcome back to the land of the living. Having an appendix removed is one hell of an extreme way to shed a little weight, luv. Don't do it again!

I suppose it's not all that bad. Paper panties beat rock panties. And I'm sure rock panties beat ones made from scissors. Although, there's a grooming product idea to look into...

NGDG: Damned if you do. Damned if you don't. But the perdition is exponential if you ask what the hell is going on.

Spread The Love. Little Hearts...

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