Thursday, January 31, 2013


She's not a dead horse...

Look, I know it's the information age, and that I should be embracing change and making it work for me, but I will have this to say: If bands spent more time honing their craft instead of begging at the false altar of Faeceboobs for fake votes to get them onto bills that provide exposure, then we'd all be better off. Unfortunately, as it stands, it is already too late. The lowest common denominator has already been victorious. Any and all mainstream broadcast entities are testament to that. In that light, I will NEVER ask one single soul to "vote for my band" so that I can win anything at the expense of my integrity, or that of my band or my music. Not for recording contracts. Not for a slot at an event. Nothing. And fucking shame on those that do. You're part of the problem. Don't be. This is the true meaning of selling out. Not the cool one, where Steve Tyler was once quoted saying "Yeah we sold out. Stadium... after stadium.... after stadium..."

And on a very related note, why can't we all just pull in the same direction? Yet again, I witnessed some smug little prick - more than likely boiling over with jealousy - have a dig at an up and coming band. Ours is not a music scene. Ours is a fragile, fragile microcosm of ego-fuelled wankers. You know the saying "Big fish in a small pond"? And conversely (and very often used to dissuade our local artists to venture overseas) "Small fish in a big pond"? Well, I have news for everyone. This is not a pond anymore. It is a series of small festering puddles. And instead of beauty, we have Bilharzia.

The truth of the matter is this. We have wonderful, world class venues at which to play. We have some of the best festivals in the world as well - huge, well run and fantastically attended. The internet and the telephone and the printer have revolutionised YOUR ability to spread the word of your upcoming shows. Electricity and the advent of software have made it possible to get a reasonably good product to people - at virtually no expense to the "artist". Trust me, it was way more difficult in the good old days.

If you're not getting onto the stages you want, or not getting booked, ask yourself who is really to blame?
How about you put in some effort and keep the petty bullshit out of it. Not helping anyone. Be the positive difference you'd like to see in everything around you. And by that I don't mean wear hemp and live in a hut made of pooh. I mean stop being a negative dickhole - and, yes, I am looking each and every one of you square in the fucking eye - and do something to help. Not hinder.

NGDG: The bumper sticker said "Baby Blue Bull on Board". Fools! It's called a 'calf'.

Spread The Love. We All Stand Together! Dum...Dum...


  1. Nice one. And let's just say, it doesn't just apply to music but any performance art.