Friday, January 11, 2013


Well hello there, you bunch of gorgeous gangsters!
It's Friday! And that can mean only one thing. A little irreverence, anyone?

Let's start with these devilishly handsome gentlemen right here. Th'DamnedCrows' much anticipated NEW SINGLE 'Blue Eyed Devil' has been unleashed upon the interwebs today for free download. For FREE! Mahala! Nothing! Not only is it fucking brilliant, it also is a good-looking head and shoulders above the stuff currently out there. These boys have raised the bar. It's sweaty. It's swampy. It's sexy. It's groovy and it fucking WILL kick your lethargic arse. The perfect tune to get you started this weekend. Go on. Be naughty. Indulge in the devilish delight that is Cape Town's freshest wrecking crew.

And then onto something else that came up recently... Why do we set so much store on the success of other peoples' relationships.
Is it because we are basically always going to be more loyal to one party than the other? Lines drawn in the sand? Is it because break ups usually provide us with a target on which to paint our moral indignation? Or is it merely disappointment that a couple that were seemingly perfect for each other proved your misguided belief in romance worthless, and so ultimately, your own romantic goals? Just something on which to ponder...

In this humble scribe's pompous and puffed out opinion, these things happen. One can't be held accountable for no longer bearing a flaming torch for someone you were once very attracted to. This is why casual flings are so popular. Both parties understand the fleeting nature of the arrangement.

Anyway, once again there is test cricket to be savoured, football to be enjoyed, and ice cold beer to be greedily guzzled. Yes, ladies and germs, it is - as that other irritating blonde wanker puts it - the weekend, baby!

NGDG: Bloody Vodacom. I don't see card machines dropping signal when shops want my money.

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