Thursday, January 10, 2013


So. While Tarty Farty Tequila Party is swanning about on her Nothern Adventure, the rest of us concerned citizens started to get a bit worried. Heaven only knows the terror the poor border patrol police might be facing right now. So, with the help of social media and various other ways of communication, we tracked her down at Beitbridge, where she is readying herself to pounce on unsuspecting law enforcement and to re-enter the country that calls her one of its children. Her poor dogs must be frantic with excitement. Anyway, the moral of this story is the power of Facebook, Skype and mobile telephone technology. None of which are available in Zimbabwe. Apparently.

Apparently it is also funny that the concerned citizens that number among her horde of friends were concerned. Not that I had any doubts, mind you. That Tarty, she's tough. Like Nandos...

I have since found out some more about this "cut yourself for Bieber" nonsense. What evil is perpetrated by some disgusting motherfuckers. It's sickening that those that would have you believe that they are so high and mighty and superior would plumb such depths in order to point out the weaknesses of others or to make make themselves feel better about their well hidden inadequacies. Basically some dickheads reacted to pictures of Justin Bieber - the lad(y) everyone so loves to hate - smoking a joint. A hashtag campaign soon went viral encouraging Bieber fans to cut themselves in a show of concern and solidarity against his "drug abuse". Clearly this group of fans consists largely of young, very impressionable kids. Rag on Bieber, but how can you be so fucking irresponsible as to jeopardise the safety of children? You may think it's funny, but if that was YOUR little sister? Educate, don't discriminate. Yes, I fucking loathe the little tit as well. But pop stars of his ilk have been keeping your precious underground metal off 5FM's charts since long before you learned how to be a doos, so think before you do something as grandiosely stupid again.

But then we do live in a world largely populated by people who make the utterly ignorant look like Einstein. Fuck the bell curve. We're ALL number one! That you are, my fellow human beings. A bunch of piss ants. Only the very few deserve the title human being, come to that. Compassion is no longer the commodity it once was. If it EVER was...

Enough of that. It's ruining my day. This evening Commander Conker and I once more park the Trojan horse that is the Flooring Depot panel van outside the mountain and lay siege to its slopes. With any luck I'll make it back to tell the tale. Then it's off to the first Dinner Club of the year - expertly hosted by the sister and the Brother-In-Awe. No cooking for me tonight! Whoohooo!

NGDG: I have a fan in my room; and woke up feeling the exact opposite of Charlie Sheen in the same situation.

Spread The Love. #dontbeacunt

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