Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Myself and the esteemed "other 7" all have commemorative tshirts with the above logo printed on the front. Commemorative, because on the back it simply states:

8 Mates

48 Hours

140 litres.

I shit you not. Based on a truly memorable weekend. We have video. It's the only way we could actually remember anything...

So my holiday started off with a long weekend away staying at the scene of this particular crime, the Suntouched Inn, in picturesque Napier. It truly is a wonderful place to go, for breakfast, for a whole weekend, for the locals, for the resident couch potato (otherwise known as Zeplin The Wunderhound), but especially for the couple that run the place, Craighan and Angela Millar - 2 of the most warm and welcoming people you're ever likely to meet. Oh, and then there's the beer on tap at their fine establishment's bar...

Needless to say, we all had a great ol' time and were exceptionally sad to leave, as always.

Oh, did I mention the unfathomably cool entertainment? If you EVER get a chance to go and see a young lady known as Shannon Hope, do yourself the hugest of favours and just go. She is simply spectacular, a singer songwriter of rare talent, and one who I am sure will make very large waves. Her clever concoction of heartfelt melancholy laced with a healthy dose of quirky quips make for a thoroughly entertaining evening. Her virtuosity as an instrumentalist is breathtaking and her voice is descendant straight from the heavens, a strong and emotive vehicle for her obviously intelligent lyrics. Artists of this quality don't come along every day - do NOT miss out - check out the link. And trust me, I should know...

Chuck in a few "moerse pies" and that was our weekend away. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the tour of the Napier Bier brewery, courtesy of their master brewer, Richard. I have now decided to lump in city life and take up an apprenticeship as a beer maker. Shouldn't be too hard considering the 10 years I spent enrolled as a student of Chemical Engineering. At least my Mom will be happy.

The rest of the holiday was spent unpacking all my cds, reading a Cure biography and listening to the concurrent albums as I progressed through the chapters. Don't be alarmed if the song I am currently working on brings to mind a particularly funny Adam Sandler performance. Even the subject matter can be argued to be similar.

I also went to go and watch the latest incarnation of a band I was in. "Little Miss My Whole Bum Fits Into His One Hand" was there. At least when the Cockblocker was in attendance I had an excuse for being so utterly useless.

And so we've all but caught up. I'm back at work and back online. Hope you didn't all miss me too much. Tonight's festivities include making a healthy yet delicious culinary delight, recording a song that hasn't even been written yet (the ideas are cemented in my mind), and watching the mighty Red Devils march on to Wembley and glory! There may be beer involved.

So. Spread the love. Not the Lurgy.


  1. There's a video?? Now why didn't we watch that the other night instead of going down memory lane with a bad recording of your band days?! I wanna see it!

  2. The video is from the 140 litre weekend. I'm sure you'll see it soon enough...

  3. I'll make sure there's beer involved!