Friday, May 27, 2011


"Congregation, please be seated. And open your prayer guides to the book of Revelations. Psalm 69... 69... 69... 69... 69..."

Yup you guessed it dear reader! It's Minister Monster's 69th post. 69 increasingly daft rantings that YOU tune in to read every day! Wonder what sort of subject matter this number is likely to conjure up amongst this blogger's rabid following...

Ah, the ubiquitous 69. The number most notably associated with a very "sharing and caring" sexual activity (technically it's a position, but I'm sure most of you knew that already - if you didn't, you have no business here).

Firstly, hats off to the couple that first thought to themselves "hang about, what if we did this to each other?... how rad would that be?!?!"

As opposed to the obviously well worn and tried-n-trusted version of "your turn, then my turn..." Now that is all good and well. Especially when it is 2 people completely obsessed with pleasing each other. Little wonder then, that it became an entity of simultaneous stimulation. Bless their over eager little hearts.

It has since obviously become the single most notorious number in the Western lexicon, possibly even in those parts of the world where they read the other way or indulge in a lot of vodka consumption. Obviously the act it refers to so accurately is not limited in application to the washed West, I'm sure that filth and smut has reached even the farthest corner of the globe. In fact, I am relatively convinced that the more out of touch you are with the world, the more depraved your sexual ardour is bound to become. Just look at the Australians.

Aaaaaaaand on that note, Happy Irreverent Friday one and all! Hope you all have a weekend positively bursting with activities loosely connected with your favourite and mine, the humble 69...

Spread The Love. 69... 69... 69...

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