Thursday, May 19, 2011



Or even better, make one on your back-stamped ballot paper (they're like Edward Street cougars) to keep the villainous and treacherously corrupt CNA out of the Cape...

But seriously, I hope you all did your civic duty. And I don't mean washing your Honda on your day off.

So, another public holiday for some... I got the whole i-Votela thing out of the way before 8am and realised it was actually still before work time, so had an entire day to do "stuff". "Stuff" ended up consisting of slicing my house up with a very large power drill. The backyard is under a foot of building rubble and the inside of the house is under an inch thick winter wonderland of drilling dust...

It's my turn to host Dinner Club tonight. The fact that I now live alone and am being forced to cook for people is abhorrent enough, without having to race home from football and have to perform cleaning miracles beforehand. Oh well, maybe I'll make dust pie. And turn water into wine. Trust me, THAT would be rad!

And it feels like Monday. Luckily tomorrow is Friday then...

On with yesterday's adventures. It was the Mom's birthday so we went out for birthday dinner at Posticinos, possibly one of the best little Italian place around. Not much to report. The guessing game before the unwrapping of the present was quite entertaining though... It's amazing how many applications there could actually be for a digital photo frame.

Ja, so. Day off for making 2 little Xs. Fuck. I should have the rest of my life off for January's exploits.

Spread The Love. Make Lots Of Xs... Even Glen Benton deserves a vote.


  1. My mom's birthday was yesterday too.

    You sound like one of those unbearable noisy neighbours that everyone in the street loathes. My upstairs neighbours have discovered their drill, it's been nightmarish.

  2. I actually had to stop my neighbour from putting her laundry up, but then I made up for it by fixing something on the front of her house. But ja, if I had a neighbour like noisy ol' me I'd probably shit. Luckily I'm the handyman in the 'hood.

  3. Hey Mr Handyman ... I be needing some of those skills in my house. Handyman skills, not your other ones. Soon. Payment will be in the form of food and beer. :0)