Monday, May 16, 2011


According to some religious fundamentalist fanatics, the end of the world is nigh. Armageddon is actually supposed to happen on Saturday. I wonder if Shoprite worked this into their monthly budget forecasts?

As far as I'm concerned, Judgement Day wasn't too far off when I watched 'Freddie Got Fingered' the first time and had "listen to my hooves" indelibly imprinted in my brain forever - a cheap substitute for the onrushing clippety clop of the Four Horsemen, but infinitely funnier.

Anyway, the End Of The World then...

(Perhaps I should lower my standards for a week...)

I'm DJing - World Goth Day - and it seems quite fitting that I should be providing the soundtrack to the world's demise. Kinda looking forward to it. Do you think the bar would extend me a line of credit? Imagine. Me perched in the DJ box deliriously drunk and spinning tunes suited to the End Of Everything while the writhing mass of bodies in front of me goes down in a swirling mass of stricken limbs - full on Nero style! The fiddler of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM ! ! !

Bring marshmallows.

Speaking of soft squishy things that are burnt black on the outside and white and sticky on the inside, the hatespeech case against JuJu has taken an interesting turn. Apparently now singing "shoot the boer" is in fact, according to a surprisingly lucid judge, "incitement to commit murder". Well, fuck me. Really!? Not that it matters, Michael Stipe is proudly marching on toward self prophetic realisation as we speak...

In other far more upbeat news, The Mighty Red Devils have finally usurped those dodgy Scouser hubcap thieves as the most successful ever English football team. WHAAAAHOOOOOOH ! ! !

Glory, glory indeed! However short lived.

And on that note I am off to go and practice fiddling by myself.

Spread The Love. There Isn't Much Time Left.

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  1. I like the idea of running up a tab at the bar on Saturday. I will personally be running around with a bottle of tequila offering it to the judgement day judges. Who hopefully will also be in leathers...