Tuesday, May 10, 2011


For once I have managed to synch the picture to the general sentiment. That's me on the left...
The person on the right is simply the embodiment of what I want for my birthday.

Yes, my birthday is coming up, and with it all the usual existential musings about one's mortality. Is it true that you're only as old as you feel? When is it considered embarrassing to act like a teenager? What's the cut off age between "older cooler guy" and "creepy paedophile"?

At what age is it acceptable to move to the suburbs on purpose? When is too late to settle down to a mundane existence of 2.4 kids and the white picket fence?

Should the meandering mutterings of a rambling old fool be struck from the intrawebs?

Nah! Fuck it! Let's have a party instead!

I hereby proclaim my birthday shall henceforth be known as Hugh Heffner Day at my house. Someone please make sure I get my birthday wish (see above - it's actually a lot more revealing than first glance would suggest).
I plan to emulate the good old days and get carnivordigoggled drunk. As it should be. Getting older should NOT necessarily mean getting wiser. It should just mean you can lie about the aftermath better.

Spread The Love. In Your Birthday Suit...


  1. The beauty of being our age is that you are old enough to know better, but are still young enough to get away with it..