Friday, May 20, 2011



It's a beautiful day. Not in the Bono-can-suck-my-ass way. Just the normal way.

Normal as in - the weather here in the Beloved Mother City is perfect.

Normal as in - I have a rad braai planned with some good buddies later.

Normal as in - I'm leaving work early and starting the important business of getting lacquered in earnest.

Normal as in - I just got a call out of the blue with the offer of tickets to tomorrow's final game of the PSL season to watch my team, The Urban Warriors lift the title trophy.

Normal as in - the DA opening a can o' whupp ass on the CNA and retaining powah locally.

Life is good. Tomorrow evening I am providing the soundtrack to the final demise of the world. Let's hope the well worn cliche of "chicks dig DJs" works in my favour tomorrow night. If I can't convince the bar to run me an almighty line of credit, then maybe I can use the insidious tactic of "Ag come on, the world is ending in 3 hours, put the pepper spray away..." when chatting up a nice wholesome young lady.

Oh, did I mention I just ordered THIS...

Enjoy the weekend y'all. If by some chance the world is still spinning on its axis by Monday, I hope you haven't all been nabbed by the police for partaking in Post Rapture Looting. As opposed to the normal state of affairs during our beloved country's "strike season", when everyone experiences Post Looting Rapture.

Spread The Love. The End Is Nigh...

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