Monday, May 9, 2011


Spoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon ! ! ! !

We live in a lovely little neck of the woods, don't we?

Went away to Langebaan for the weekend and have once again been presented with a moral issue. The one that exists between being obliged to retell what happened "at band camp..." or "what goes on on tour, stays on tour"...

Since this was for more band camp than tour, I have decided to tell you what happened. Nothing...

It was GLORIOUS. Well, nothing newsworthy. We excelled at the let's-see-how-much-beer-we-can-fit-into-our-bodies game we had come up with. Relaxing was done until we were actually tired of relaxing. Sundowners at Pearly's was a little disappointing. The service from the inbred no-chinners was appalling. At least OUR waitress was on the ball, very ably dealing with an instruction to replace vodka with tequila. Seeing her colleagues rummaging around for their missing chromosomes didn't fill us with optimism that this would in fact be achieved without bloodshed, but she managed admirably!

On to more loafing about and making obscene fires and braaing. Matt 'Small Spoon' Daemon was on top form, royally entertaining the rest of us. The life, I tell you. I was relegated to the kid's room single bed so the Princess could indulge in 5star luxury. Oh well...

Anyway, a great time was had by all and I can't wait to go out there again.

Mother's Day was the third braai in a row - with Demonic Sibling and the Brother In Awe. Can't really find anything to complain about yet.

Topped off with Manchester United all but clinching the title by tearing Chelski a new one, my weekend was virtually perfect.

Spread The Love. Unless you're sans chin and already the result of some dubious cousin humping.

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