Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yup, much like "choice", I am also vehemently pro putting off that which can be done later. I have a gajillion "personal admin" papers to sort through and have decided a long time ago to build a sort of informal settlement in the dining room with all the envelopes and whatnot horded up and unopened. It's my way of demonstrating against the relentless pillaging of the rain forests.

However, much like the tree that falls, I fear my silent objections are doing nothing constructive in terms of being heard. The only thing that happens is I have to spend a great deal of time opening envelopes, sorting into piles and filing away never to be looked at again. Kinda tragic waste of time and effort, but eventually has to be done. Have I mentioned how much I abhor personal admin?

So in the spirit of all this procrastination, I found the picture above whilst doing a very leisurely fart arsing about on the intrawebs. Again, sod all to do with anything, but it did get me thinking about festivals...

Briefly. I have since stopped thinking about festivals, but here is someone that went a step further. She actually went to one recently. And then wrote about it. I give you the enthralling experiences of Tarty Farty Tequila Party - fast becoming a legend in her own living room, and many others.

On with the merriment. I am super chuffed to announce my cunning plan. I, Sodoff Baldrick, being of sound mind and whatever...

Making myself look good by association. It's the next big thing - trust me.

Here's the plan. Find cool, intelligent, talented people and latch yourself onto them. Bribe them if you must. They will make it possible for you to be seen as one of the cool kids, or enable you to claim that you're a musically gifted individual, or even leave you some of their leftover lovers.

Failing this, you will unfortunately be compelled to take up smoking.

Or get a van like the one above for your next festival experience...

Spread the love. In a hygienic and well signposted area.

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  1. A legend? Me? In whose living room?? But stick with me Monster.. I could make you infamous...