Thursday, May 26, 2011


Alfred Hitchcock could write really well. One particular piece leaps to mind as being the most terrifying of all time...

I was driving to work this morning, probably for the last time considering my library of unpaid fines and a nefarious plot to bring myself and other similar culprits to book, when it occurred to me that I have quite a few friends who are also very gifted at this writing thing.

Some blog, some review, but they're all pretty damn eloquent and talented. Birds of a feather if you will. The similarities don't stop there. Think of actual birds as small mobile stationers. In the same way as horses could be viewed as potential glue factories. And before you start spitting venom at your screen, I am simply highlighting the fact that birds are in fact made out of the writing implement known as a quill. And all animals are still useful even in their afterlives.

And anyone who knows me knows very well that the best kind of bird is a dead bird. Acute ornaphibia is a bitch...

Anyway, back to the point. For those of you that enjoy a good read, rant or recipe, or simply have stuff all better with which to fill your days, go and check the following peeps out:

The irrepressible Tequila Tart. (Read entire blog)

The moody and DOOMY Music Opinion Guy. (One review example - go look for others)

The wonderfully talented Weekend Wizzard. (Facebook link - there's a blogsite as well)

The motivational moaning of Ninhydrin.

Author and editor of note Nerine Dorman.

Next week I compile the considerable list of talented people that do things like photography and make films. Home porn submissions welcome.

Also, yours truly has been known to jot down a few thoughts, go check out the back catalogue of posts. You can even catch a review (once again - this is only one example) for Voice Of Rock.

Shameless. I know. Given my current aptitude towards self-help, it's entirely forgivable.

Spread The Love. Shamelessly. Literally. And Literary.


  1. Ah thanks for the plug! I'm moaning more than usual today because I've put my fucking back out.

    Running & stairs do a monstrous marriage make.

  2. Thanks dude! Did I tell you that you rock? Well you do. Sometimes. Ok, most of the time.. I shall have to buy you a tequila... again.

  3. Thanks for the kudo's, though I gotta say, my output has been lax lately, too much of it focussed around work. I WILL WRITE MORE FOR ME! demmit