Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Again. As it is every year.

Here's the question. Is it just women who have successfully entrenched themselves in our lives that stop shaving for the hibernation months? Or is it all of them? Even the ones looking to attract a male of the species so that they can then start entrenching themselves in our lives?

This makes limited sense. It's entirely understandable that all women shave during Summer. We live in Africa and most of the time it is entirely appropriate to dress like the poor dear above. Shame she doesn't even have any shoes...

But as soon as Winter strikes, women take complete advantage of the fact that their legs will be covered for much more of the time. Which means shaving is for their satisfaction and not that of their significant other, who happens to share a bed with the naked legged tarantula. I've even heard that when you are in a relationship, it is fair to assume you're allowed to have this sex thing, especially in Winter. Tarantula legs are not so sexy, you see...

Which means leg shaving, logically, is for the benefit of those who do the looking at and fondling of, the legs.

I think I have sufficiently confused myself now. All I hope is that the next person that disrobes in front of me (Oh please let it be a girl! Oh please let it be a girl!) has had the forethought to shave the Winter stubble. Otherwise, long cold Winter, here we come!

Actually, I hate shaving more than any woman, so I understand. But let's be honest. Being prepared will get you a long way.

Spread The Love. And The Veet.

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