Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The easiest way to get attention, I've found, is to blather on about boobs. Seems the Universe is full of all sorts of other people willing to blather on about anything. Unfortunately anything usually amounts to nothing more than their own opining or apparently under appreciated virtues.

Today I spent more time on Social Networking than usual (I know, is it even possible?) and I have come to the harrowing, if not entirely unsurprising conclusion, that most people themselves... are utter tits. Today I have seen seemingly intelligent individuals ALL repost the same fucking pictures. ALL of them, Which amounts to my feed being clogged by whatever 9gag brainfart is popular today. Everyone is oh so fucking unique. I tried unsubscribing, but then my feed died...

Anyway, enough of me complaining about other people on the internet, like everyone else does...

Today is a beautiful day. Not in the comfort zone weather sense, as the entire Universe is so quick to point out, but in the wonderfully existential sense. The one that comes with an undulling of senses as I am experiencing today. No hangover to mute the usual weary grating of mankind on my horrified perceptions. No buffer between their incessant mediocrity and my addled brain. Booze continues to prove quite an accomplished barrier between humanity and I. Sometimes too accomplished... Yet somehow I can't help shaking the feeling that I should be grateful for all the sharp new daggers of pain-personified that rain down on me in these brief periods of total lucidity. In that spirit I intend seeing if I can add one more day to my sociopathic sobriety. I'll keep you informed and we'll see how it goes. Or how long before I get homicidal. It's not withdrawal symptoms - it's shutthefuckupbeforeIkillyou symptoms.

Thank God I'm not in tech support.

But having a very necessary shorter attention span today, I managed to come up with the best letter ever - in a conversation I was having with TDB.

B. The best letter is B. B embodies so much of what is good in the world. So many pleasures. So many wonders. So, at the risk of quoting the internet, in no particular order:

Beer, Bacon, Boobs, Braais, Buddies, Bands, Blowjobs, Bosuns, and BC Rich guitars.

Oh, and thank you to every last one of you for reading. We've just hit 25,000. Spread The Love indeed...

NGDG: "Mountains and quaint rural villages are lovely. But what really strikes one while watching Le Tour is how beautifully smooth and maintained the roads are. True, French cars are notoriously moody but even in the industrial zones of the lower Pyrenees, an old woman could navigate her walker without a bump, a rape, a mugging."

Spread The Love. No Holds Barred.

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  1. If you were in tech support / IT you would have died of liver failure years ago.