Friday, July 13, 2012


Yes, folks! The day all the ghoulies and ghastlies love so much. Reminds me of my youth. When I had the wonderfully good fortune to be a full time student (oh those were the days! R2 drinks and lunchtime strip shows...) my friends and I (TDB was one of them) were very much of the gothy, metally, bad-assy persuasion and took everything way too seriously. Like, way too seriously. Well, as serious as I can get anyway, which isn't very.

Anyway, back in those days we had a little thing called Happy Hate Day. This was celebrated on Valentines Day (we couldn't get laid), Spring Day (floral print really didn't compliment our acne) and any and all Friday the 13ths. We'd don our finest black threads. Pure black. I'd like to honestly report that they were "blacker than the blackest black times infinity", but something about wearing the same clothes every day tends to make them fade to grey. So, uniformly dark grey, we stalked the corridors of higher education on these special days, one in particular stands out in my memory. We brought along a black eye make up thingy. Emerging from the 2nd level boys toilets resembling a poor man's KISS, apparently we scared the living shits out of all and sundry on a perfectly lovely Valentines Day. Notoriety quickly followed and I for one embraced the lifestyle and spent the next couple of years making my parents question their abilities to raise a child.

Lame story, I know. But it's the closest thing I can remember to Friday the 13th that's ok to publish without legal ramifications. And I have no idea about that movie with that hockey mask and that chainsaw.

But now we're all growned up and holding down jobs and paying mortgages and doing adult things like purchasing grocery items in bulk in order to save money. Ha! That's just the half of it! Today I'm wearing black. Shock! Horror! And I'm going to act as adolescent as I possibly can, because I can. So no different to normal life then...

Enjoy your Happy Hate Day! I'm going to have a wee catch up with the ever-fascinating Rose Thorn after work. There will be wine. Wine is good in this weather. So is Sherry. By this evening I may be face down and giggling. But not in the naughty "I just walked into an all male brothel" kind of way.

And tomorrow will most definitely be an earplugs day. Combining a hangover with The Greek's drum clinic at Bothners would be suicide without them, not to mention the Axxon practice straight after...

NGDG: "So this actor fellow Robert Pattinson is starring in the film version of possibly my favourite French novel, 'Bel Ami' by Maupassant. Good on you, sir. Corporate cheese to pay the mortgage, cherry-picked roles for self-realisation. C'est la vie."

Spread The Love. People In Black Clothes Need Love Too.

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